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Sunday, 15 June 2008
Rainwear Gallery: Rainwear Bondage!

A gagged Latex Kitty tied up in rainwear bondage in an old black Børmax raincoat and rubber boots! If you like the photos, check out the full series in our members section!

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Rainwear Interview: Helena from Fetish Memoirs & Rainbound!
Fetish-Memoirs and Rainbound are both well established paysites in the rainwear community. But who is behind these popular rainwear and bondage sites?

We talked to Helena, Fetish-Memoirs' webmistress, about her love for bondage and rainwear... Tell us about yourself and how long you have been into rainwear?

Helena: Hi my name is Helena and as many of you may know, my husband and I have been involved in the rainwear community for quite a while. We met at a photo shoot I was doing for a fetish wear and bondage site. So it was clear to both of us, right from the start, that we shared a love for bondage and all fetish clothing. When did you first noticed that you had a fetish for rainwear?

Helena: I feel the word fetish is misused so much these days. As to have a true fetish means to be unable to function sexually without it. Thankfully that is not the case for either myself or my husband, however we both love the look and feel of rainwear and it is one of many kinks that we share. I think I first found a love for PVC when I was about 13 and got into the Gothic scene. Goths here love to wear PVC and rubber so it was something I found to be the norm rather than something pervy or odd. What do you find so interesting about rainwear?

Helena: All the different styles and materials something for everyday. From my normal everyday short PVC jacket and pink girly hunter wellies that I wear to walk my wolf. To the classy black patent long trench coats or glass pvc full length coats I have for wearing with my high heeled boots for going out shopping etc. So is your partner also into rainwear?

Helena: As I said before its just one of many preferences that we share. If we look in your rainwear wardrobe, what would we find and what are your favorites?

Helena: There is really not much you wouldn't find. I have a whole room full of rainwear downstairs, plus three other wardrobes. In all hundreds of coats and around 60 pairs of rubber boots plus rain hats, rubber gloves and my other clothing love, shoes. I have about 60 pairs of high heeled shoes and 40 pairs of high heeled boots. My fav rainwear would have to be shiny black coats from my early goth years and then clear pvc long coats, of cause not forgetting bright purple coats and jackets. Is there a special kind of play you like to do in rainwear?

Helena: I love dressing up with friends it's very entertaining to hear what they like about certain coats and boots. It's great fun to go out in the wind and rain with them, and my dog. Messing about in the mud on the fields is always good for a laugh. Do you have a special rainwear experience that you would like to share with us?

Helena: Being involved in the alternative scene we go to different club nights that friends of ours DJ at. One night I went in a clear Pvc hobble skirt, silver pvc underwear and a clear pvc mac. A couple of my friends went in black pvc with matching black macs. We certainly got a lot of attention that night.

Another fond memory was having sex on a busy beach wearing a tightly belted black rubber mac and high heeled leather boots. That was a great day out for both of us. Your websites are quite popular, can you tell us about them?

Helena: We have a few sites the two which feature only rainwear are Fetish Memoirs and Rainbound.
Fetish Memoirs is great fun lots of pictures and video clips of myself and friends dressing up in my collection.
Rainbound is rainwear bondage. Bondage is another great love of my husbands and mine. So it made sense to combine it with our love of rainwear. What are your plans for the future?

Helena: We plan to keep our sites going and are always interested to hear what people want to see. I also have no intention of giving up my love for dressing in an alternative style. My family and friends love the fact that I go shopping in punk or goth clothing and very high heels.

Even our bank manager says there is nothing I could do to shock him any more. I think that sounds like a dare! As for other plans I tend not to make any with a family and so much else to worry about I like to take life as it comes. It worked very well so far. If you would give some words of wisdom to a beginner rainwear fetishist, what would it be?

Helena: Having been into all sorts of fetishes or preferences for a long time I've seen the positive and negative effects they can have on people. Sadly so many seem to stop being themselves and become their fetish, letting it rule their lives.

So my advice would be explore your interests and others with an open mind.
When it comes to relationships remember a fetish is only in your head. A loved one is a real person who needs to be cared for and respected. Thank you so much for your time!

Helena: Thank you for yours. Also for such a classy rainwear blog it's very informative, a great resource for rainwear lovers. You make a lovely couple. We wish you every happiness for the future.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2008
Rainwear Interview: Jacob Rubber!
If you are into rainwear and bondage, then the chance high, that you already know Jacob Rubber. His rainwear bondage website has been around for ages and is highly recommended by rain bondage lovers!

We interviewed Jacob Rubber about his love for rainwear and bondage... Tell us about yourself and how long have you been into rainwear?

Jacob Rubber: I live in Copenhagen Denmark, and have been living in the Copenhagen area for most of my life. I have been together with my Bunny for more then 7 years now. I'm 35 years old and remember enjoying rainwear and bondage all my life. At the age of 13 it turned sexual, but I liked it even before. When did you first noticed that you had a fetish for rainwear?

Jacob Rubber: I have memories about dressing up in rainwear even though it was not raining, or I didn't had to go outside, back to the age before I was 8. I even have a faint memory from when I was 5. I climbed up a tree in our garden in rain jacket and bib-pants even though it was summer and the sky was blue. I think my mom found it a bit odd *S*

When I go to the age of 13 it turned sexual. At first my fetish was mostly about rainwear and bondage and when I was about 15 years old I started visiting sex shops in Copenhagen and bought bondage magazines. I remember riding my bicycle the 15 km to Copenhagen and back dressed in about 4 layers of PVC rainwear - always with the first layer inside out. I have always been a bit shy, so only if the weather was bad, I had rain gear on the outside.

I didn't tell my first girlfriends about the fetish, but as some of you remember, I met Mette about 10 years ago and started my first website with pictures of us. She thought it was a bit nosy and smelly when I slept in a few layers of rainwear so I bought some latex clothes. She liked that better, and from then on I also used latex a lot. I think fetish people in Denmark start using rainwear, because they had it in their childhood. It rains quite a lot in Denmark.
Its also more 'normal' clothes, then to have latex in the wardrobe, which can be a problem especially when you still live at home. Latex clothes are also quite expensive. What do you find so interesting about rainwear?

Jacob Rubber: When I think back to my childhood, I think it started with the feeling of the rubber. Also the feeling of being safe in some way. When you are in rubber rainwear you can pretty much go outside in any weather and stay warm and dry. I think it's the same feeling that made me enjoying bondage. When I'm tied up and its impossible to escape I feel very safe for some strange reason. Probably because I have to let go of all my own control and trust the master completely.
Now I find many things about the rainwear interesting: The look, feeling, smell, sound and weight when you wear many heavy layers. So is your partner also into rainwear?

Jacob Rubber: Bunny doesn't have my fetish but she likes to play along, because she knows how much it means to me. She also joined me at a few mainfest-fetishparties, and thought it was great fun. Then we dress up in latex clothes, mostly because it is a bit more festive then rainwear.
I would like to have a custom made ballroom dress made for her in rainwear fabric, and maybe a tuxedo for me, so we could represent the rainwear people when we go to the parties. I will try to save up for that sometime when we both finishes our education. If we look in your rainwear wardrobe, what would we find and what are your favorites?

Jacob Rubber: :-) I'm afraid the question should be "What wouldn't you find?"
Like many other fetishists I am a bit of a collector.
I guess I would divide my collection up into 3 parts: rainwear, bondage gear and other rubber clothes like latex, diver suits, hazmat suits and so on.

All the gear you can see on my site is my own, but I have at least twice as much I haven't taken pictures of yet. I would estimate i have about 100 rainwear suits of different kind + so much more other gear.
I prefer the old fashioned kind of rainwear in all colors, with cotton on the inside and heavy and soft rubber/PVC on the outside. However most waterproof or shiny materials are my interest.
At the moment I'm very much into one piece rainwear suits and set with matching jacket and bib pants, but like many other fetish people my interest seems to change bit constantly. You have to try it all, right? Is there a special kind of play you like to do in rainwear?

Jacob Rubber: I like just dressing in the rainwear, but I'm most happy when I'm tied up in many layers of rubber. I love rubber from head to toe, with rubber masks, gag, gasmask and so on.
The bondage should be as strict as possible without direct pain, because I'm not turned on by pain itself.

I'm biggest fantasy would be to be kidnapped and kept tied up in lots of rubber gear without the slightest chance of escape. Maybe also forced sex, plug play and stuff like that.
I'm not gay in the normal meaning of the word, but for some reason I find it very interesting to be tied up in rubber by guys. I also love to be recorded on video when I'm tied up in rubber, so I can watch it afterwards. Do you have a special rainwear experience that you would like to share with us?

Jacob Rubber: Stop by my site and have a look. Most of my best rainwear experiences are online and more will follow. Your website is quite popular, can you tell us about it?

Jacob Rubber: Well, I got on the Internet when it just started and there were almost no rubber pictures. I remember thinking what a great media it could be, but I guess you can't complain over the lack of pictures if you don't share some your self, so then I began building a small site, and I guess the rest is history as you say.
I have though about closing it down many times, but it seems that people like it a lot, and I have met so many interesting people and have a lot of great rubber friends because of the site.
I have also thought about going pro and making a living of the rubber or my site in some way, but it's hard business and what do you tell you old grandma' at Christmas? What are your plans for the future?

Jacob Rubber: I'm not really sure. Maybe I will keep the site online, but we will probably have some kids in the not to distant future, so I might have to cut down a lot on the rubber play and maybe sell a part of my huge gear collection. But I'm sure I will keep playing in rubber for the rest of my life. If you would give some words of wisdom to a beginner rainwear fetishist, what would it be?

Jacob Rubber: I would say you should try all you find interesting, but never push your limits too much at once.
If you want to play with fellow rubberiest you should get some really good pictures of yourself in your gear and even better; make your own site. That will make it so much easier to get in contact.
If you are a straight guy don't waste all life trying to find a girl who likes rubber. It's easier to win the lottery (I know you have 3XL, you lucky .....*S*) Find an open-minded girl and introduce her to the rubber sloooowly, but don't wait too long. Make up you mind if you really want to live you whole life without telling her. I couldn't, but it's not easy and of course you risk loosing her. Thank you so much for your time!

Jacob Rubber: You are welcome. Thanks for making a great site.

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