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Friday, 17 April 2009
Shiny Asian Girls by ShinyHenry!
ShinyHenry don't need to introduction, he already well known for showing rainwear and other shiny photos online for more than 20 years. "ShinyGirl Homepage" with his wife Rita and ShinyHenry & ShinyCouple at Flickr with his present girlfriend Pia.

Until now Flickr has been his playground when it comes to showing his rainwear photos to the world and still will be in the future. But Flickr is a risky place to be if your photos mainly shows fetish, nude and erotic content, and his accounts has been deleted multiple times with no explanation by the Flickr staff.

With more than 1300 photos uploaded and 1.4 million views to the photostream, ShinyHenry photos where very popular, so he decided to expose his interests by creating a site where Asian beauty, fetish clothing, shiny raincoats, sexy posing, nudity and some kinkiness go hand in hand in a non professional way.


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Sunday, 27 July 2008
New Rainwear Community:!
There has long been a huge need for a good Nordic rainwear community where people can meet up and share their passion for rainwear.

Therefor I'm very proud to present - a new meeting place for all who loves rainwear, rubberboots and faul weather!

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Friday, 28 March 2008
RIMO-Mantelmode's Collection of 2008!
RIMO-Mantelmode, there has been producing deluxe rain fashions from vinyl, latex and nylon since 1991, has added the 2008 rainwear collection to their online-shop. At the core of the new collection you find three raincoats and three rain capes in different materials, lengths and designs... All of them looks fantastic!

We hope that we someday can afford a RIMO raincoat ourselves! You can see the full collection of 2008 at RIMO-Mantelmode's web-shop.

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Saturday, 15 March 2008
Girl in Rubber Boots Video!
Do you also like to see hot girls and women in sexy rubber boots? Then you should check out this video of a cute girl in rubber boots and rainwear playing outdoors!

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Saturday, 16 February 2008
New Fetish Rainwear Video!

A video of Latex Kitty, wearing various raincoats, made for our new myspace fetish rainwear profile. Please add us! The photos in the video will be added to our rainwear gallery soon. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Helen Henley: Pussy in Boots!
Found four ebooks by Helen Henley, regular column writer in Atomage magazine. A great Valentines gift for any rubberist partner!

"Pussy in Boots, begins with Helen meeting Charles, a wealthy businessman. He offers to help her find a publisher for her book - a popular history of erotica - in return for her help with his own sexual interests and his ambitions to be a sex slave. Things only get better when, employed by a firm whose products include everything from condom dispensers to beverage machines for the office, Helen discovers the powerful effect on male sensibilities of leather couture and high boots. She comes up with some unique methods of dealing with male chauvinism and sexual harassment in the work place."

"Not your conventional bonking book, Pussy in Boots is a woman's story, one that contains suicide attempts, deviant sex, and in part two dives deeper into rubber fetishism and sado-masochism as Helen continues to research her book. It is also a modern love story and there is an unfashionable happy ending. The story is laced throughout with extracts from her collection of writings of medieval and modern authors of erotica and in combination they form a satirical tour de force."

Ebooks by Helen Henley:

This is an old post from my latex weblog.

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Vintage Rubber Rain Wear!
Do you like visiting vintage clothing stores, antiques stores and street markets, searching for vintage rubber fashion, foot wear? I love it! You never know what you will find!

Here are my latest bagains:

Male officer rain coat by Fionette
Size: XXL
Material: SBR (shiny black rubberised linen)
Condition: Good, but have a 2 cm rip on the back of left sleeve
Price paid: 10 Euro

French female rubber boots by Sarrai Zienne
Size: 41/7
Material: Shiny black rubber
Condition: Great
Price paid: 40 Euro

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Atomage Magazine!
Visited the Atomage Appreciation Site today and found some great vintage photos of people in rubber and a interesting history of one of the early pioneers of rubberism.

The site offers detailed information on all the Atomage publications and history of the world famous Atomage Leather Couture company run by the legendary John Sutcliffe from the 1950's to the late 1980's.

The fashion from back then is great fun to look at today so many years later. Still the issues dealt with in the magazine was the same issues we deal with today. Here is a quote from Atomage International Edition No. 7, published 24 years ago:

"My girl friend is incapable of following me to where I would like to go. This is no reflection on her - she is just afraid of all the seemingly endless implications of rubber. Maybe she is right. Also, it is impossible for her to take the active role. I have to face the fact that she will occasionally wear rubber just to please me. I hear you saying that I am a lucky fellow and that I should be pleased and grateful to have such a girlfriend. I know that I should be, apart from the fact that I really love her, but still it is difficult for me to reconcile myself to the fact that no further development in our rubber activities is possible."

Sounds familiar?

This is an old post from my latex fetish weblog.

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New Used Rubber Boots!
Fall is here and it's rain season! So I brought this wonderful pair of used rubber boots for $25 in a used military equipment store here in Copenhagen.

I'm curious about the origins of the rubber boots. I belive the brand name is "F.N. Panter", but I can't find any information on about the boots on the internet. So if you know this brand of rubber boots, please leave a comment.

This is an old post from my latex fetish weblog.

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Nice Rubber Boots Spotted!
Found this lovely lady rubber boots with a cute little heel in a clothing store here in Copenhagen. Available for 87 euros in black and pale yellow.

This is an old post from my latex weblog.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
About Fetish Rainwear Weblog -!
Welcome to the fetish rainwear weblog by Latex Kitty & 3xL, a rainwear and latex loving couple living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We as a couple are quite experienced in the latex fetish realm, but when it comes to fetish rainwear, rain coats and capes we actually consider our selfs as beginners.

3xL about rainwear:
I'm best known for my long running latex fetish weblog, but actually I liked rainwear before latex. I first got in contact with rainwear in my early teens, an experience which slowly developed into a fetish. Today, I'm building up a collection of rainwear. My favorite style is vintage gentleman's raincoats made from shiny black rubber (SBR).

Latex Kitty about rainwear:
I love to wear rainwear, both, out in public and for play.The first time I got in a fetish relayed contact with rainwear, was as I met 3xL. Since back then, my interest and fascination about rainwear is growing and going its own way. I especially like vintage rainwear fashions from the 60'ties and 70'ties, like the Danish Børmax.

This weblog is a journal of our explorations in the wonderful world of fetish rainwear!

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